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Piwik is het toonaangevende open source web analytics platform dat u veel waardevolle informatie geeft over de bezoekers van uw website, uw marketing campagnes en nog veel meer, om uw online strategie en ervaring van uw gebruikers te optimaliseren, aldus Piwik.


http://www.viestintamyy.fi/?kiki=bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-candlestick&537=11 Nieuwe versie
Op 15 augustus 2014 is er een nieuwe Major versie uitgekomen voor PiWik Analytics. Deze update is aangebracht uiterlijk op 2 september 2014 om 11:00uur. Zowel voor als na het aanbrengen van de update is er een back-up gemaakt. Het aanbrengen van updates en het maken van back-ups is uitsluitend van toepassing voor voor klanten van Think Webdesign en die gebruik maken van onze Altijd up-to-date service.

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In this release there are breaking API changes, API deprecations, and also new features: Translation search, Reporting API improvement, @since annotation, loads of New APIs, and New commmands for plugin developers.

http://fisflug.is/?yrus=salvatore-aranzulla-iq-oprtion&3cf=50 Breaking Changes:

  • Javascript Tracking API: if you are using getCustomVariable function to access custom variables values that were set on previous page views, you now must also call storeCustomVariablesInCookie before the first call to trackPageView. Read more about Javascript Tracking here.
  • The settings API will receive the actual entered value and will no longer convert characters like & to &. If you still want this behavior – for instance to prevent XSS – you can define a filter by setting the transform property like this: $setting->transform = function ($value) { return Common::sanitizeInputValue($value); }
  • Config setting disable_merged_assets moved from Debug section to Development. The updater will automatically change the section for you.
  • API.getRowEvolution will throw an exception if a report is requested that does not have a dimension, for instance VisitsSummary.get. This is a fix as an invalid format was returned before see #5951
  • MultiSites.getAll returns from now on always an array of websites. In the past it returned a single object and it didn’t contain all properties in case only one website was found which was a bug see #5987

follow link Deprecations:
The following events are considered as deprecated and the new structure should be used in the future. We have not scheduled when those events will be removed but probably in Piwik 3.0 which is not scheduled yet and won’t be soon. New features will be added only to the new classes.

  • API.getReportMetadata, API.getSegmentDimensionMetadata, Goals.getReportsWithGoalMetrics, ViewDataTable.configure, ViewDataTable.getDefaultType: use Report class instead to define new reports. There is an updated guide as well Part1
  • WidgetsList.addWidgets: use Widgets class instead to define new widgets
  • Menu.Admin.addItems, Menu.Reporting.addItems, Menu.Top.addItems: use Menu class instead
  • TaskScheduler.getScheduledTasks: use Tasks class instead to define new tasks
  • Tracker.recordEcommerceGoal, Tracker.recordStandardGoals, Tracker.newConversionInformation: use Conversion Dimension class instead
  • Tracker.existingVisitInformation, Tracker.newVisitorInformation, Tracker.getVisitFieldsToPersist: use Visit Dimension class instead
  • ViewDataTable.addViewDataTable: This event is no longer needed. Visualizations are automatically discovered if they are placed within a Visualizations directory inside the plugin.



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Bron: Piwik

Piwik demo: http://demo.piwik.org/
Piwik website: http://www.piwik.org
Piwik developer zonde: http://dev.piwik.org/trac

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